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Keetouch touch panels


KeeTouch Co., Ltd., leader nel settore dei prodotti touch screen e soluzioni touch, è specializzata in R&S, produzione, commercializzazione e vendita di touchscreen, touch monitor, touch computer e altri prodotti touch-screen a valore aggiunto. KeeTouch ha istituito un perfetto sistema di gestione della qualità grazie all'adozione di un avanzato modello internazionale di gestione e l'introduzione di molti metodi di controllo. Contattateci per maggiori informazioni


Standard Touch screen

Sizes from 7" to 42" - Same driver for both USB and RS232 from 7" to 26" - High image clarity - Free of drift - Z-axis pressure recognition - Strong mechanical strength - Short response time - Compact size for easy integration


Anti-glare Touch screen(G series)

Sunlight readable - Human engineering technology: eye fatigue reduction - Ideal solution for outdoor applications with strong sunlight - Standard sizes available: 7" to 42"


Vandal-Proof Touch screen(S series)

4mm, 6mm tempered glass - Super impact-proof performance - Ideal solution for unsupervised applications - Standard sizes available: 7" to 22" - GB9963-1998


Dust-proof Touch screen(P Series)

compliant with IEC IP6X standards - protect the reflective grating and transducers from the dust and other objects - Excellent maintenance-free and durability - Sealed well with Alloy-aluminium frame - Applicable to the outdoor environment where in unsupervised or industrial environments - Standard sizes available: 7" to 24"

Water-proof Touch screen(W series)

Latest technology and design - Super-thin glass sensor - Easier integration - Free of maintenance - IP 65 Rated - Standard sizes available: 10" and 17" (customization available) - Sealed well with Plastic frame or Alloy-Aluminium Frame



  • Resolution: 4096x4096
  • Light Transmission: >95%~100% /ASTM
  • Positional Accuracy: 2mm
  • Responding time: <16ms
  • Self-checking Technique: Support


  • Touch Activation Force: No pressure required
  • Touch Times: Unlimited
  • Minimum Touch Object: 5mm
  • Life Time: 5 years
  • Calibration: 1 time


  • Operating Voltage: 4.75~5.25V
  • Operating Current: <200MA
  • Interface: Com/ USB 2.0
  • Storage Temperature: -30~60°
  • Working Temperature: -10~50°