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OLED Info & Technology


Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) are recognized as the new generation of displays and have many advantages: self-emitting (light emitting, unlike normal LCDs), increased visual angles, reduced weight and thickness, fast response times, range of extended temperature, achievable as flexible film, excellent resistance to shock and vibration. Brelco offers a wide choice of OLED, both in characters and graphics, made in high-tech installations.


Comparison between OLED and LCD
-40°C..+80°C Operative Temp. -20°C..+70°C
-50°C..+85°C Storage Temp. -30°C..+80°C
2~4 mm Thickness 5~15 mm
Low Consumption High
NO Backlight YES
Circa 1µs Response Time Più di 1ms
Materiale solido Anti-shake Materiale liquido

Brighter and vivid colours

High contrast: 1.000.000:1

Very wide viewing angle

Faster response time

Low power

Very thin screens