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PITEK Co., Ltd.'s main business is OLED module design and manufacturing many years of industrial experience and expert team members. PITEK Display provides the worldwide market with cost effective and high quality OLED Module Displays . In addition to our vast standard part offerings, we also offer custom designs to all industries. We provide our customers with "In-time Services" "On-time Delivery" "Best Price", "Highest Quality". PITEK is always your best partner in OLED display module solutions. PITEK is your BEST choice.

Here are some examples from the Pitek catalog. Please contact us for more information about the range of OLED modules available.

PHC series

LCD Character Modules Compatible

OLED modules designed to be compatible and immediately replaceable with the corresponding character LCD. Available in 8x2, 16x1, 16x2, 20x2, 20x4, 40x2 format and white or yellow color.

OLED 16x2 Module Example
Power supply:2.8 - 5 Vdc
Duty Ratio:1/16
Interfaceparallel 6800 8 bit mode / 4bit mode
Overall size85.00 x 36.00 mm
Active area:56.22 x 11.52 mm


Monochrome Graphic Modules

OLED 128x64 graphic modules with excellent outdoor visibility, extended temperature range, fast response times and low power consumption. Available in white, yellow, green and blue color.

OLED Module 128x64
Format:2.42" 128x64
Active area:55.01 x 27.49 mm
Overall size75.00 x 52.70 x 7.50 mm
Duty Ratio:1/64
ControllerSSD1309 or equiv.
Op. Temp.-40°∼+80°

PG series

Monochrome Graphic OLED

Gaphic OLED series available in formats: 96x16, 128x32, 128x64, 256x64 with different dimensional and connection solutions. White, yellow, green and blue coloring.

OLED 128x32 PG12832KW
Format:0.91" 128x32
Active area:22.384 x 5.584 mm
Overall size:30.00 x 11.50 x 1.40 mm
Duty Ratio:1/32
ControllerSSD1306 or equiv.
Op. Temp.-40°∼+70°