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Bolymin Inc.

BOLYMIN INC., located in Taiwan, is OBM and ODM provider of LCD, LCM, OLED, TFT Display Module, IPC (Industrial Personal Computer) and MDT (Mobile Data Terminal). Based on our complete processes like COB(Chip on board), SMT and LCM Assembly Line etc., BOLYMIN provides OEM service for COB and SMT also. Please contact us to receive more informations about Bolymin products.

lcd bolymin


Alphanumeric LCD displays from 7 chr x 2 rows to 40 chr x 4 rows and graphic from 98x32 pxl to 320x240 pxl

tft bolymin

TFT Displays

TFT LCD Panels from 1.8" to 10.4" with or without RTP or CTP

oled bolymin


Characters OLED (16x2 20x2 20x4) and graphic (from 72x32 to 256x64 pxl) monochrome and full color