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EDT UI2 Serie

Posted on June 01, 2022

edt ui2

Brelco presents the new EDT TFT family UI2 Series, TFT displays designed to simplify use while ensuring the best performance.

A new family of TFT displays in 3.5"- 4.3" - 5.0"- 7.0" formats with superior features combined with ease of connection thanks to the 50-pin FPC that incorporates all the necessary signals.

EDT goal was to simplify the display integration in the application, that is why all required voltages are generated directly on the FPC tail. Backlight driver is already integrated as well.

This in combination with IPS panels, high brightness, extended temperature range -30°C ~ +80°C, unified 50 pin FPC connection, EMC shielding and option to have black cover lens and capacitive touch.

Find all advantages of UI2 Serie

UI2 TFT displays features

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Emerging Display Technology (EDT) is a prestigious Taiwanese manufacturer of high quality LCD, TFT displays and Capacitive Touch Panels. High reliability products and long industrial life.