New EDT Smart Embedded Website

Posted on June 20, 2020

EDT Smart Emebedded website

New EDT web site focused on Smart Embedded Displays is on line

EDT SmartEmbedded

Following the great success obtained after the launch of the new product line in 2018, EDT has published a new website dedicated to Smart Embedded.

EDT's Smart Embedded displays integrate the TFT panel and the control electronics into a single device which can be programmed at the factory on request to receive ready-to-use displays.

Designed and manufactured internally at EDT, Smart Embedded are the optimal solution to reduce development and production times and costs, significantly reducing the time to market of your product.

Please contact us to receive infos and specs.



Emerging Display Technology (EDT) is a prestigious Taiwanese manufacturer of high quality LCD, TFT displays and Capacitive Touch Panels. High reliability products and long industrial life.

EDT Smart Embedded