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GETT Industrial & Medical Keyboards



For over 25 years Gett has dedicated itself to industrial and medical realities by proposing innovative, high-quality man-machine interface solutions (keyboards and mice) dedicated to the most difficult work environments or where it is necessary to maintain high standards of hygiene and cleanliness.
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medical devices

Medical Devices

Specifically designed for hospitals, clinics, medical offices and in general where a high degree of sanitation is required, Gett silicone keyboards and mice are made with quality materials, completely washable and sanitizable.


Washable Silicon Keyboards

Washable Silicon Keyboards

It is crucial not only to maintain a hygienic workspace in the operating theatre, but also at every workstation in hospitals or doctor's offices. Especially in medical areas, medical-grade keyboards should be used. Silicone keyboards stay clean because they are completely sealed.
Moreover they can be cleaned thoroughly with water and detergents. Silicone keyboards come in different shapes, sizes and features.

Washable Glass Keyboards

Washable Glass Keyboards

The glass keyboards have an elegant design and at the same time a comfortable tactile sensation. They are suitable for use in all medical areas, both in the operating room and in the reception area. Their smooth, joint-free surface makes them easy to clean and disinfect with just a wipe. Glass keyboards with capacitive keys allow them to be operated easily and with less joint strain, as they do not require any mechanical pressure.

Washable Mouse

Washable Mouse

Washable mice are easy to clean thanks to their resistance to water and dust. Therefore, medical-grade mice are ideal for use in hygienically sensitive areas such as hospitals, clinics, doctor's offices, laboratories or pharmaceutical companies. Thanks to the IP68 and IP65 degree of protection, cleaning can be performed both with normal sanitizing products and directly under running water. Health risks from germs and bacteria are minimized.

industrial devices

Industrial Devices

When it comes to industrial environments, the focus is on the possibility of using normal user interfaces in difficult conditions, in dirt and, often, wearing protective gloves. Gett manufactures keyboards, mice and accessories designed to perfectly meet these needs.


Stainless steel Keyboards

Stainless Steel Keyboards

Stainless steel keyboards are the first choice for durable and robust input systems for public applications. With a high level of impact resistance they can withstand the toughest operating conditions.

A classy look for a pleasant and comfortable use.

Foil-covered Keyboards

Foil-covered Keyboards

Foil-covered keyboards are the most used for devices and equipment in all sectors from industrial to medical.

They can have a small operating area with two buttons or a complete user interface and also additional elements such as trackpads and trackballs.

Industrial Mice

Industrial Mice

Not only a white or black plastic mouse is proposed but a solution with a silicone cover and an aluminum base with integrated laser. These industrial mice are ergonomically shaped and fully waterproof. The symmetrical design makes them suitable for both right and left handed users.



The trackpad or touchpad is a pointing device for industrial applications. The touchpad is designed to be integrated into a device. The touchpad is capacitive, resistant to dust and liquids with an IP65 degree of protection, has two integrated buttons and the sensitivity can also be adjusted. Can be integrated into all keyboards.



The trackball is a pointing device made for industrial applications. The system integrates a 38 mm rotation ball as well as three buttons and is designed to be integrated into a device.
The product is resistant to dirt, dust and liquids with IP65 degree of protection. Can be integrated into all keyboards.



The fast-changing world of technology demands ever higher standards of functionality and usability. For example touch-free operation via the optical switch from GETT.
In addition to the optical switch, GETT also offers capacitive switch technology, which features physically delineated buttons.

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