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EDT Smart Embedded® display



Attentive to the needs of the market and to the demand for ready-to-use solutions, EDT has created its Smart Embedded® display series. On the common base of the ARM Cortex M7 STM32F746 processor three models have been built with the most successful EDT displays: 4.3", 7.0" and 10.1".
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With this innovative proposal EDT offers to take all the workload of the customer making the creation of the GUI easier, faster, flexible and more advantageous. EDT's Smart Embedded® displays allow you to create modern GUIs, with high quality graphics and smooth animations without overloading the operating system in terms of consumption and memory.


Module size 4.3" 7.0" 10.1"
1: Option for 12V only Power Supply input
2: Custom MCU options possible
3: Other Memory configurations possible
4: Pins are configurable for other functions
Resolution 480x272 800x400 1024x600
Power Supply(1) 7-36V
Brightness 340nits 300nits 450nits
MCU(2) STM32F746
Internal FLASH 1MByte
Internal SRAM 340KByte
SDRAM(3) 8MByte 16MByte
FLASH(3) 16MByte
RS232 or 3.3V UART
3.3V GPIO(4)

The controller is integrated with the display to form a compact module. Includes all the necessary circuits to control TFT, backlight, the capacitive touch, as well as a series of external peripherals (CAN, SPI, RS232/485, I² C, etc ...). The graphic framework is based on TouchGFX and FreeRTOS, libraries and operating environment that allow high efficiency and low power consumption solutions.
EDT Smart Embedded ® is the best choice for the shiortest time-to-market.

The display mounted on your equipment, be it an industrial control, an instrument or a medical device, is ultimately the image of your company. EDT displays are designed to meet this responsibility and offer a perfect user experience. EDT' TFTs are targeted for the industrial world and are therefore calibrated to high-quality optical-visual specifications. Visual angle and extended temperature range, long backlight life, high contrast and high brightness thus become naturally available parameters. Combined with the proposal of capacitive touch panels, EDT modules offer you the opportunity to implement state-of-the-art HMI. With an EDT Complete Solution your applications will guarantee the best user experience and add value to your products.

To facilitate the apprenticeship and the realization of the GUI design, EDT makes available a Starter Kit for each proposed size. Order your model now to start the transformation of HMI on your applications!

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