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Multidrop Terminal TMMF


A proprietary solution tailored to specific customer demand. The terminal is requiring a single supply voltage, is station addressable, capable of displaying multi font and multicolor messages by means of dedicated communication protocols. Static and dynamic messages with scrolling and flickering capabilities for the best ergonomics. Interactivity is possible with resistive or capacitive multi touch panel.


TMMF7 is one of the available size terminal; it can be connected on a multidrop RS 232/485 serial line. By default it comes with embedded fonts that can be enriched with user defined downloadable ones. The module is equipped with supply voltage regulator, soft start circuitry and brightness control. The comprehensive set of commands is easing the screen configuration in sectors and fields each with its own back and foreground colors, font and size. The high quality wide 7" TFT makes TMMF7 ideal for industrial applications were a good readability is required.

Resolution 800 x RGB x 480
Dimensions 166 x 105.44 x 9.85 mm
Viewing Area 154.4 x 93.44 mm
Active Area 152.4 x 91.44 mm
Dot size 0.0635 x 0.1905 mm
Pixel Format 0.1905 x 0.1905 mm
Viewing Angle 6 o'clock
Display mode Transmissive
Brightness 400 nits
Contrast 400:1
Colour Depth 262K