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Glorysound Label Display

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Glorysound Module House

Price bars (display labels), made with proprietary LCD technology and white LED backlight, offer an exceptionally wide viewing angle and excellent contrast. The bars are made up of modules to display up to 10 selections of identification, currency and price of the product with clear and clearly visible alphanumeric characters at all heights.
Please contact us to receive info's and specs about Glorysound/Module House price bars (display labels).

price label display

The bars are made under customer design in order to connect them to the front of the specific product tray and obtain the maximum character height. The special LCD technology used and the white LED backlighting allow to obtain an excellent readability of the display from the highest tray to the lowest one. Each module has 2 groups of 11 alphanumeric characters for each product selection. The microcontroller on board the bars provides for the generation of characters and for the management of the serial communication port which can be SPI, RS232, RS485 or CAN bus. The bar selection address can be set by dip switches.
price label display
The modules that make up the bars are contiguous and well juxtaposed so as to display a sequence of numerous characters. For example, a 3-module bar can display scrollable messages up to 66 characters in length. The use of electronic price bars instead of the classic paper labels allows the updating of product identifiers, currency and price in an ultra-fast way and, if the machine is equipped with internet connection, even remotely.