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Betvis Digital Signage



Betvis has been representing the enthusiasm and dedication to digital signage for over 10 years. Transforming itself from simple multimedia readers to real intelligent terminals, signage devices have changed radically and Betvis has taken up the challenge with innovation and passion.
Please contact us and we will show you the best Betvis solutions for your projects.

The ultra stretch signage combines stretched display and digital signage to create a powerful, flexible and affordable solution. We offer many different configurations and features, as well as professional installation advice and after-sales service, allowing you to deploy your project quickly and easily.
This bus digital signage is designed for buses and other similar vehicles. It has all the standard features of a common digital signage and the advantages of adapting to the bus environment, such as adapting to bumps, adapting to bus power and wireless network updates. We also offer advanced features such as passenger counting and location-based advertising.
Betvis digital signage player is a digital signage terminal that is compact, powerful, and cost-effective. It has strong adaptability, flexible customization capabilities and stable performance. We offer several models with different configurations and capabilities to meet the individual needs of different customers.

     Wall Mounting

As a classic style, the wall-mounted digital signage has a strong vitality. It can easily adapt to application needs and is widely used in various industries, such as retail, finance, corporate, transportation, medical and education.

     Free Standing

The floor-standing digital signage has been widely welcomed because of its good advertising effect and its ease of movement. Coupled with touch screens and well-crafted software, it can provide query navigation service for a variety of places, such as shopping malls, hospitals, schools, and more.

     Portable Digital Poster

The portable digital poster is an alternative and upgrade to the more traditional LED writing board. Its display is clearer than handwriting, it can play videos, and it can automatically update menus and prices, increasing service efficiency and appeal.
Betvis interactive whiteboard is wide application in the conference office and becoming a strong assistant of teachers. It can replace a series of equipment widely existing in conference rooms and classroom, such as projectors, computers, television and so on. The intelligent experience, high-definition display, smooth touch, teleconference and other rich functions have updated the traditional meeting and class methods, and also solved various inefficiencies and inconveniences in the meetings over the years.
Sizes: 55" | 65" | 75" | 86" | 98"
  • Full 3840*2160 high definition images can be displayed
  • 20-point touch allows several people to write at the same time
  • Android and Windows dual system supports more applications
  • Scan code to easily store and share meeting records
  • Transmit the content wirelessly, realizing real-time demonstration
  • 1mm recognition accuracy make zooming, mobile dragging, roaming and other shortcut operation easy