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TFT EDT Serie 30: Mitsubishi replacements

Posted on July 07, 2021

edt mistubishi replacements

Following the announcement in June 2020 of End-Of-Life of the TFT line by Mitsubishi Electric, EDT has developed the Series 30 TFT-LCDs to replace the Mitsubishi counterparts.

The dimensions and optical characteristics of this series are equivalent and compatible with Mitsubishi.

EDT display modules feature a consistent high level of product quality, combined with superior customer service and focus on the longevity of TFT modules.

Three versions with XGA resolution (table below) are currently planned and more formats will be added. EDT is available to evaluate other formats to replace Mitsubishi models based on customer requests.

SizeRes.P/NStatusKick offMP
8.4"1024x768ET084030DVADevel.OKEnd May
10.4"800x600 Plan.End Apr 
10.4"1024x768ET104030DVADevel.OKEnd May

Features of Serie 30

Please contact us to receive EDT' products infos and specs.



Emerging Display Technology (EDT) is a prestigious Taiwanese manufacturer of high quality LCD, TFT displays and Capacitive Touch Panels. High reliability products and long industrial life.

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