EDT Smart Embedded® Displays

Posted on May 09, 2018

EDT smart embedded

In line with the needs of the market, EDT, in collaboration with TouchGFX, launches the Smart Embedded® Display models: versatile, powerful and completely customizable.

The EDT Smart Embedded® displays allow you to create modern GUIs with highd graphics and smooth animations on any system without the memory load and power consumption required by the operating system.

Currently the models in sizes 4.3" 7.0" and 10.1" are available; they share the same hardware based on the ARM Cortex M7 STM32F746 processor.

All circuits necessary to control TFT, backlight, capacitive touch and GUI applications are included.

Starter Kits have been set up to support customers who wish to practice and start designing your own HMI.
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Emerging Display Technology (EDT) is a prestigious Taiwanese manufacturer of high quality LCD, TFT displays and Capacitive Touch Panels. High reliability products and long industrial life.

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