Litemax High Bright Bar Monitors

Posted on July 27, 2016


Litemax: Bar Monitors and stretched displays for outdoor applications

Next to the devices to which we are now accustomed in everyday life - smartphones, tablets, notebooks - it is becoming common to find equipment for the dissemination of information based on TFT display.

In railway stations, airports, bus stop but now also in shops, shopping centers and even on the street, big, flashy light panels draw our attention with advertisements or information useful to our movements.

To make this possible standard TFT displays are not suitable; instead high-brightness panels (1000, 2000 and also 5000nits) and cut to unusual measures are needed.

Litemax has for years been a leading manufacturer of TFT displays that fully satisfy these needs. With the license for cutting stretched TFTs and implementation of low power and environmentally friendly outdoor displays, Litemax is the most innovative and reliable solution.

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Litemax: high bright monitor and display for outdoor applications