High Brigth TFT

Posted on April 10, 2016


The widespread use of TFT display, both in industry and for consumer applications, requires an increasing use of the devices in harsh environments such as in bright sunlight.

In order to display data displays require backlighting and, in the presence of strong external light, they become virtually illegible. Among the many solutions adopted one of the most effective is the adoption of high-brightness backlight in union with the increase of the contrast.

Other technologies can also be applied such as optical bonding and/or antireflection coating to further increase the readability. Special attention is paid to the extended temperature requirements, protection against dust, liquids and vandalism.

Between the TFT display and the monitor proposed by Brelco numerous solutions with typically higher brightness of 700 nits, suitable for use outdoors and manufactured to the highest quality standards for critical environments are included.

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