Brelco Development Kit

for industrial applications

Posted on April, 2014

brelco dev kit

For the success of any project is necessary to start from a solid foundation.

Often the construction of a new application built on SBC, SOM or COM requires the engineering of a prototype on which to perform tests and function tests in order to develop the necessary software.

Brelco meets the needs of the customers by offering specific development kit obtained by combining F&S boards and EDT TFT display. The kits are customized according to customer requests, optimizing the characteristics of board and display. Depending on your needs you can match F&S' boards such as PicoCOM, PicoMOD, armStone, NetDCU, QBliss and EFUS with TFT 3.5", 4.3", 7", 10.1"e 10.4", etc...

If the chosen SOM or COM requires it, the relevant carrier board is provided equipped with a variety of interfaces such as USB, LAN, Audio, HDMI, SDCard, etc ... Each kit includes the necessary accessories such as USB, serial, and network cables and USB flash drive.

After a registration via the F&S website you have access to the forum, and through the board serial number, the specific download area. RGB, TTL or LVDS displays are connected to the SBC through appropriate adaptations and managed by the operating system through dedicated drivers. Similar support is included for resistive or capacitive touch panel, if present.


brelco dev kit

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